Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Saturday, July 9, 2011

"All good poetry is forged slowly and patiently, LINK by LINK, with sweat and blood and tears."

You're right, Mr. Alfred Douglas.

I cannot believe my last photo update was in April. Clearly, I have been busy. With cousins, brothers, spring sessions, engagements, a band, a senior, my china nugget and her rockstar 'rents, a big brother, outdoor weddings, baby bumps, family after family, more baby bumps, sweet little girls, sassy little shorties, more engagements, indoor weddings, beach babes, this family and that family, oh, and this one, too, another engagement, another family, this bride and groom, and this one, too.

I made public print on two occasions; interestingly enough from members of the same family. If you know them, you can join me in stating that it's not at all interesting, but more expected. 'Cause they're just cool like that.

First occasion was this shot:
From this article in the Toledo Blade.

Second occasion was this shot:

From this photo contest in the Adoptive Families Magazine.

Pretty groovy, I think.

I've got another baby bump, another senior and a Summer Mini filled with some fab kiddos on the calendar for this week.

Oh, and I can't forget about that other full-time gig I've got goin' on:

Add in end-of-the-year school festivities and graduations for the above gig, a fabulous event the Big Man allowed my dear friend and I to head up, a 30th Birthday Suprise for Yours Truly, planning a baby shower for the bff and a large group of my favorite 3 and 4-year-olds with bats and there's 2 months of NLP in a nutshell, folks. Legitimate excuse for poor blogging skills? Indeed.

End of Summer and Fall Schedule

I kinda feel like I'm ten again and false starting on the PowerPad. Rev'd up and ready to race and jumping the gun. I can hear two gun shots and my brother yelling at me to calm down while cheap-shotting me in the knee.

But let's face it, folks. June done went. And August is football. And football means Fall. It books fast. As a matter of fact, I already have 5 sessions booked in October and 3 slots pre-booked for Fall Mini's. Thought I was kidding?

So, here it is.

August Availability
Tuesday the 9th,16th and 30th: 10am/6pm   *9TH AT 6P  NOW BOOKED!*
Saturday the 27th 10am/1pm/6pm *NOW BOOKED!*

September Availability
Saturday the 3rd and 24th: 10am/2pm/5pm *3RD 10AM AND 2PM BOOKED* *24TH 10AM AND 2PM BOOKED*
Tuesday the 13th, 20th and 27th: 10am/5pm *13TH BOOKED!*
FALL MINI'S Saturday the 17th! *BOOKED*

October Availability
Saturday the 1st: 10am *BOOKED!*
              the 8th: 5pm *BOOKED!*
              the 15th: 10am *BOOKED!*
              the 22nd: 5pm *BOOKED!*
Tuesdays the 4th, 11th and 18th: 10am/2pm/5pm *ALL BOOKED*

November Availability
Tuesday the 1st, 8th and 15th: 10am/1pm/4pm *1ST BOOKED*
Saturday the 5th 10am/1pm/4pm *12th BOOKED* *5th 1pm BOOKED*

I also have a couple last minute openings the week of the July 18th, for anyone looking to still get summer pictures! As always, email me with questions! Just a reminder, a 25%, non-refundable, retainer fee is required to book your session.

2012 SENIORS: Look for NLP's Senior Special on Facebook. Coming soon!

And with that, I'll leave you with this:

It looks fabulous outside my office window. Relax in the grass, y'all.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

baby Levi

it's pretty groovy that Blogger is down with holdin' your place in line while you're off gallivanting. I may have been quiet lately, but there's juice in the works. and juice is fun. there's a number of sessions to catch up on, but we all know how good I'm not at that, so check the Facebook Page if your curious, George.

meet Levi. he's presh. (and was just as precious in Mommy's belly. see for yourself, here.) and he's a thinker.

and his Mommy and Daddy waited a verrry long time for him. like, years, long. and then he waited until two weeks after his due date. and THEN he waited through two days of labor before showing up. but, as you can see, he was quite worth the wait.
Levi has an older sister. older sister wasn't quite sure of NLP. well, more of what NLP was doing with that black thing in baby brother's face. she was quite protective. and was no fan of the Nikon, even when it was in her face. she'd stare me down and as soon as the camera resumed position for a picture of her, she'd look away. I was able to get one, though. but she's totally giving me the stank eye.

I love dogs like Miss Sadie. I also love these dogs:

I have a thing for wrinkly baby backs, too.

I spent quite a bit of time with Mr. Man (it was fabulous baby fix-ness.). Mommy and I tried really hard to get him in a deep sleep, but sweetness wouldn't have any part of it. he WAS tired...

but more interested in the action. he finally gave up after about two hours.

buuuuuut, as soon as I tried to pose him...

Mommy later reported that he finally gave up after I left and slept for hours. I must admit, being able to see those peepers was pretty fabulous. besides, you can't pose perfect! and he is.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

beautiful Madeline

I had sooo much fun with this session! What a 16th birthday present, ey?! A little back story...I met Madeline when she was about 3 years old. Long curly blond hair and those beautiful eyes... she is the cousin of a dear and old friend of mine. (Of whom I recently reconnected with thanks to the ol' Nikon! Check out her lil' studs!) I felt quite at home with her and her (awesome!) Mom. Isn't that fun how nearly 13 years later you can still feel connected to someone?! Madeline, you rock my socks, girl! You are as sweet as you are beautiful. I so enjoyed out time together! Happy Sweet 16, pretty girl! xo

HERE is the rest of Madeline's Session!

S Family

This gorgeous bunch is what I like to call repeat offenders. I've had the pleasure of photographing them three times! (Well four if you count Miss Jaden's dance studio!)  My first time meeting them was at my Summer Mini Session last year and then they joined me again for my Fall Mini Session! As you can see, baby girl sure has grown! She is now turning ONE! Happy Birthday Miss Morgan! It was so fun having them all together and capturing the entire fam. Did Mom to a stellar job on the outfits, or what?! Big love, S Family! Looking forward to watching you big eyed beauties grow!

HERE are more from their session preview!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the skinny. the long-winded, over-amplified skinny.

I totally plan on doing some blogging today (do you  know that I have a Blog To Do List? I do. And there's like 15 items on it. Lord have mercy.). Because I do have multiple sessions AND a wedding that I have got to show you! But, first, a heads up... I was going through my calender and beckoning spring lining up all of the events and promo's (yes, events and promos! woot!), and I realized that I have very few openings this year due to my heavy wedding load! It would be ideal to import a calender here for you to see, but I'm not that cool.

I should probably add that I was a super (uneducated) freak last year and thought that booking 5-8 sessions a week was feasible. It is not. I have four gorgeous kids that I completely neglected to "professionally" photograph. (I know, right?!) I have a husband that deserves a wife. And a house that shouldn't ever be the train wreck that it is was. ;) I have a fabulous church that I love being involved in. You'll find me there Sunday mornings. I'm also there, teaching preschool choir, Sunday evenings. I'm heading up an Outreach in May that I have a passion for, and the Lord reminded me that I was making poor choices when it came to time management (you know, like when I was blaming Him for my dark circles and intense coffee addiction?). Therefore, I am now only shooting on Wednesdays and Saturdays (maybe a couple Friday evenings, if I'm feeling spunky).

I have two weddings a month from May until October (with the exception of September, which there is only 1). Which means that I only have two other Saturdays a month for sessions! Here is how it's lookin' for availability for the next few months:

March: Wednesdays and the 19th
April: Wednesdays and the 2nd, 16th and 23rd
May: Wednesday the 18th and Wednesday the 25th
June: Wednesday the 15th and 22nd and Saturday the 18th
July: Wednesday the 6th and Saturday the 9th
August: Wednesdays and Saturday the 6th

Without sounding cliche? Book early. (I'm also not cool enough (or have the time) to figure out how to do that cute lil' mark above the 'e'. g'head and offer up your free tutorial. I'd dig it.) Anyway... I cannot be as lenient this year and squeeze people in. I have to stick to my guns or I'm gonna have to check myself into the psych ward. You think I'm kidding?! Understand, I am crazy, in love with my camera. I'd sew it to my hip and never get sick of it. I am head over heels for the people I've met this far and uber pumped for the people I still will meet. The rush is resilient. The Lord told me August of 2009 that this would work, but I gotta do it His way! So, there ya have it, folks. My next few months in a nutshell. Well, add in a few stinky diapers and missing sippee cups stinking up the ol' Mercury and we're all set.

(Oh, and for my fabulous previous clients? Yes, there has been a price increase for my sessions. After much consideration and evaluating my first full year, adjustments just HAD to be made. But, I do plan on incorporating many ways for you to chisle some dough off the fees. (pay attention to my Facebook Fan Page. I will do most of my contests there!) And I have a referal program! I love y'all and sooo appreciate your business, so I promise to be fair!)

THANK YOU for your support and encouragement, and for trusting me with your families precious memories!! Here's to another awesome, crazy, busy, GLORIFIED season!

*this is my precious baby #4. I took these last week. LAST WEEK. it had been almost a year... ya feel me?!